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Bryan Allegretto

Analytics Manager & Tahoe Forecaster

Bryan Allegretto (aka "BA") has made a name for himself as one of the best forecasters in the Lake Tahoe region. He has also become a media figure in the skiing & weather industry. He is frequently featured in/on local and national magazines, newspapers, radio, television, ski movies, podcasts, and most recently became the host of The Flakes Podcast.

BA grew up on the Jersey Shore and his obsession with big coastal storms goes back as far as he can remember. At a young age he would assist his father, who was in charge of making sure the major highways stayed clear of snow, in tracking down snow storms. BA honed in on his forecasting skills to chase powder in the Northeast with his friends during his high school years, purposely trying to get himself stuck in the middle of the biggest storms the Northeast had to offer. Snow has always been his obsession.

BA studied meteorology at Kean University as well as business at Rowan University where he received his BA (no pun intended). After graduating he decided to fully satisfy his snow obsession and move to Lake Tahoe, home to one of the highest annual snowfall averages in the country. His first "real" job was in the ski resort industry during which time he also started his own forecasting site, (TahoeWeatherDiscussion) before joining forces with Joel to start OpenSnow in the fall of 2010.

Over the last 15 seasons he has used & fine-tuned his skills to track down northern CA/NV powder dumps for our users (and himself). He plans to stay obsessed with snow and powder chasing indefinitely...