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Bob Ambrose

Montana Forecaster

Hailing from New England, Bob made his first trip West as a teenager to ski at Taos, New Mexico. It did not take him long to realize that ski racing on New Hampshire ice paled in exhilaration to carving first tracks down an alpine bowl on a powder morning in the Rockies…even on 210's. Being ski-centric, he followed his passion westward.

After graduating from the University of Nevada with a B.S. degree, Bob moved to Lake Tahoe to work and… ski as much as he possibly could. Watching storms roll over the Sierra Crest into the Tahoe Basin was perhaps the start of his obsession with weather. Growing this fascination by analyzing satellite, radar and moisture data when tracking low-pressure systems allowed him to predict future powder days and most importantly, which days-off he wanted each week. His ski buddies had it easy and he seldom bought beers.

With all that money he saved, he and his newfound wife Rachel made the move to Missoula, Montana where the snow is lighter and the mountains less traveled. The knack for forecasting eventually grew to be part of Bob's professional career. Being a producer of outdoor adventure television shows, it is his responsibility to provide film crews with detailed forecasts and thus safely preparing them for multi-day assignments in the mountains, deserts, jungles, and tundra. For almost twenty years producing shows all over the world his crews have always been 100% prepared for what nature throws at them.

Now living in Whitefish, Montana, Bob spends his free ripping laps at Whitefish Mountain Resort, gravel grinding local fire roads, peak bagging in Glacier NP and fly-fishing to (sometimes) hungry trout.